Caged-Nut Alfetta GTV / GTV6 Bumper Mounting

AR 0014649190: Caged-nut for front/rear bumper mounting points and various other uses in other models like Milano/75, 33 etc.
$3.50 Each

Caged-Nut Various Uses

AR 0014648290: Caged-nut for various uses like electronic ignition coil fixture, exterior mirrors, trim and more. For Alfetta GTV/GTV6, Milano/75, 33 etc.
$2.50 Each

Screw-Pad Spider Window Channel

AR 60726202: Screw-pad for Spider door window channel, also for Alfetta & GTV/GTV6, various other models.
$1.00 Each

Screw-Pad All Models

AR 0014115780: Screw-pad, extensive use in all Alfa Romeo models for mounting hardware, exterior trim, expansion and washer tanks, grills and more.
$0.75 Each

Threaded Clip For Radiator Fans

AR 60523341: Threaded clip to mount radiator fans on all Alfetta, GTV and GTV6 models.
$1.00 Each

Fuse-Box & Trim Clip

AR 60528009: Plastic/metal spring clip for Alfetta & Spider fuse box (dashboard underside), Milano/75 exterior trim.
$4.90 Each

Alfetta GTV/GTV6 Side Strip Clip

AR 60520132: Side strip mounting clip for 1980-on Alfetta GTV/GTV6. These have been NLA from Alfa, we comissioned a batch from the OEM.

NOT IN STOCK $2.20 Each

Milano/75 Door Panel Clip

AR 60507749: Milano/75 door panel clip.
$1.50 Each

Alfetta GTV / GTV6 Door Panel Clip

AR 116.50.551.550: Original door panel clip for Alfetta, Alfetta GTV/GTV6, also for 116 Giulietta and Alfa 90, NLA from Alfa.

NOT IN STOCK $2.50 Each

Hood-Liner Clip Various Models

AR 60507096: Underhood insulation (liner) clip for Alfetta, Alfetta GTV/GTV6, Milano/75, 33 and other models.

NOT IN STOCK $1.75 Each

Alfetta GTV / GTV6 Spoiler & Moulding Plastic Rivet

AR 60700384: Special plastic rivet to mount front spoiler and rear moulding to wheel-arch on Alfetta GTV/GTV6.
$2.50 Each

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